Mike Evans – G-WATT First Flight

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On 20th January 1990, the National Power Cooling Tower took to the skies of Château-d’Oex, Switzerland, for the first time ever as part of annual week long balloon festival. Piloting the balloon for the very first time was Bristol based balloonist Mike Evans, and I spoke to him recently about his memories of that first flight. Read more

Film Review: For Your Eyes Only

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It seemed about time I continued my trek through the world of James Bond, and this time I was being treated to “For Your Eyes Only”. I can safely say I have seen a lot of bond films, and working my way back through them, I will eventually be able to say that I’ve seen them all, but until last night, For Your Eyes Only was a Bond film I’d never seen.

Going in totally blind meant in one respect I didn’t have an preconceived ideas of what to expect, I have a fresh slate from which to start and it should, in theory, allow the film to draw me in more; but it also means that I can become a little too reliant to the movies that have gone before it, in judging whether I really enjoy it. Essentially, force former glories onto it rather than allowing it to stand on its own two feet.
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Film Review: Dallas Buyers Club

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I can’t really explain why exactly but I’ve been waiting to see Dallas Buyers Club for quite a while. It’s a film that dropped onto my radar and just intrigued me. It asked for my attention and I was happy to give it. And as we approach the awards season, it’s even being talked about in terms of standing a chance of picking up some silverware along the way. It’s just a film that seems to tick the right boxes.

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Film Review: Hannibal

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A few weeks ago I watched and reviewed The Silence of the Lambs, and having purchased “the trilogy” box set, thought it was about time that I reacquainted myself with Hannibal Lecter and so, tonight saw me settle in to watch “Hannibal“.

Silence of the Lambs introduced us to Lecter and his genius but he was always used as the mystery, the enigma. Part of the almost charm, of Silence of the Lambs, the reason it psychologically messes with you as much as it does is that it brilliantly lets Lecter infiltrate your mind and uses him to lead you through the film in the direction it wants you to go. And so, a sequel aimed more toward Lecter makes perfect sense – Silence of the Lambs left you wanting to know more and Hannibal was created to answer those questions.
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Comparing The Book To The Film (The Railway Man)

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The Railway Man Book - Header

Having been to see The Railway Man with my parents, and knowing that my mother was about to start reading the book on which it is based – having got a free copy through a newspaper offer – I asked if she would be so kind as to write a comparison piece for this blog.

The question was simple: how does the book compare to the film and which did she prefer?

Here is her response… Read more

Film Review: Project Nim

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Project Nim is one of those films that has been on my radar for a very, very long time. A documentary about Nim Chimpsky, a Chimpanzee taken virtually from birth to be raised “as a human” as part of a scientific experiment into whether it was possible to extend human characteristics into primates – whether it is possible to teach them language and engage them in a conversation.

Essentially, as it’s put in the documentary, the nature versus nurture debate.

I have seen the trailer over and over, whenever I see a list of “must watch” or “must own” it always seems to crop up and I always go and look the trailer up and remind myself that at some point I need to get around to seeing it. The problem is I always had this nagging thought in the back of my head that Project Nim is a long documentary, not a short film, and as such, wasn’t something you settled down for with a bag of popcorn to watch. Read more

Film Review: My Left Foot

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There are some films that you buy/watch purely on reputation without really looking into what the film is about or the style in which it is shot. You sit down and offer part of your life to it based upon nothing more than an actor’s name. My Left Foot is one of those films.

Until now it has happily passed me by, not boring to even glance my way should our paths even remotely come close to crossing. And our respective lives would have stayed that way had it not been for amazingly enough Abraham Lincoln. Purely off the back of his Oscar winning performance in Lincoln, I have gone through a bit of a “Daniel Day-Lewis” phase, searching out and watching a lot of his back catalogue: There Will Be Blood, Gangs of New York, The Boxer, The Crucible, In the Name of the Father, The Last of the Mohicans. The list is rather long and now, to that, we can add My Left Foot.

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Film Review: Lone Survivor

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I really don’t know the best way to sum up my feelings on Lone Survivor. How exactly I should feel about it. How I should review it. Firstly, I probably would have let it slip by had it not been for my Mother. I’d seen some reviews that were not overly favourable towards it, had caught the trailer briefly and prejudged it as nothing more than an Afghan adventure style war film, and wasn’t overly fussed about going to see it.

Surprisingly though, my mother wanted to see it. I wouldn’t have ever picked her to want to see a war movie starring Mark Wahlberg but she did and so, never one to turn down a trip to the cinema, tickets were booked and off we went.

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Film Review: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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I dislike Ferris. I really, really dislike him. Honestly, there are very few characters, that I loathe and hate as much as Ferris Bueller. I am anything but a violent person. I hate confrontation, I will apologise a million times to defuse a situation even if I’ve done nothing wrong, and yes I’m one of those passive, shy, reclusive geeks that doesn’t have it in them to even kill a fly. Truly, I capture when and let them go outside!

But I could quite easily punch Ferris Bueller in the face!

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Film Review: Ocean’s Twelve

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There are many ways to describe Ocean’s Twelve. The three that jump out to me are: the obvious and clichéd “difficult second album”. The more cynical “pure money grabbing” and then finally, the harsh but annoyingly fair “pointless”. Ocean’s Twelve sees everybody’s favourite bank robbing Hollywood A-List reunited. And as always when you’re making a sequel to a film purely because the first film was so successful you want to cash in, you send them on holiday!

So it’s off to Amsterdam, or is it Rome, or is it Paris. I get confused. It’s Europe and the Arsenal football team are there. I know not why.

I am struggling with this review. Ocean’s Twelve is poor, it’s really poor. But it’s also enjoyable. It’s problem is that it knows it’s not the first movie, and that it cannot live up to what the first movie achieved and it accepts it, it doesn’t apologise for existing but it has a real sense of simply being in existence so we can spend more time with Danny, Rusty, Linus etc. than giving us any sort of serious film.

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