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It’s amazing just how much of our childhood we don’t actually remember and how much is created not from the physical remembrance of an event but rather through stories and photographs recounted and revisited. Those brief backwards glimpses that provide a tale to how our journey through life began and how the little details of life that were and are, totally insignificant to the bigger picture can hold emotions stronger than any others.

The reason I am bringing this up is because this afternoon I undertook an Activity that forms part of my Open Uni course that involved firstly drawing the front of my house from memory before going outside, taking a photograph and comparing the two images: my drawing and the real life photograph. And it was when I came to compare the two that I suddenly realised that while you can remember and produced the bigger points and features with ease it’s the little details, the gas meter box, the outside light, the burglar alarm box that you forget. They don’t have any impact on your life and so you mentally remove that from it. And this sudden realisation of how we remove the small things from our memory, almost as if to free up space for the bigger things, made my think because to a 1980’s childhood cartoon and the reason I recently revisited it.

Jimbo And The Jet-Set

The cartoon in question is “Jimbo and the Jet Set” a programme a few may remember and even less able to recount I’m sure, and something I’d completely forgotten about until it came to building this website. While looking for photographs for the Aviation section of this site I came across a picture of my 6th birthday party, I was more interested in the hot air balloon cake to illustrate a point but I laos couldn’t help but notice firstly, the amount of junk food being eaten, but more importantly: the table cloth, napkins and disposable plates – Jimbo and the Jet Set! Suddenly, happy memories came flooding back. Not only of Jimbo and his cheeky voice, but also of Pigeon Street, He-Man, Bill and Ben. A set of simple throw away objects caught forever in a photograph without warning had put a smile on my face and brightened my day.

As a result, I actually went searching the internet and found a copy of Jimbo and the Jetset on DVD – 15 episodes of childhood bliss. Yes the stories are all ludicrously farfetched and essentially follow the same pattern over and over again. Jimbo goes off on an adventure or is tasked to do something, it of course goes wrong but the plucky little plane manages to save the day. Watched one after the other, they do start to become a little monotonous, but hey, I’m sure they were never intended to be watched in that way by a slightly cynical 30 year old. After all, I decorated my 6th birthday party with them for a reason I’m sure!!

Old Bear & Friends

I actually am beginning to have a fairly decent collection of my childhood memories, with DVD copies of Bagpuss, Jimbo and the Jetset and M*A*S*H* now touching shoulders with VHS copies of Thomas the Tank Engine, Mr Blobby and The Sooty Show, as well as my prized collection of Old Bear & Friends books.

It is fair to say that living life through old memories isn’t always a good thing. We all have to grow up at some point and we all have to move forward and expand our outlook on life to enjoy new things, but from time to time taking a trip down memory lane is not a bad thing. Looking at how life once was, the simplicities of it and at the things that gave us pleasure as a result can be completely refreshing and actually help to provide value and meaning to what we currently have.

Right, time to see if I can find a copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles somewhere…

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