Film Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I can still remember clearly in my mind the first time I saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. Everything about it just screamed stay away to me. Firstly it wasn’t a comic book I was aware of, and so felt more like an invention to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an extension created purely as a cash cow, rather than a story rooted in history. And secondly, I just didn’t find the apparent immaturity and sense of spoof, basic humour the trailer seemed to hint at appealing. Convinced primary by the sight of a grown man unwinding his middle finger in silly defiance.

So I ignored it at the cinema, even when the reviews started to claim it was good. I ignored it when other trailers appeared showing that it had a greater depth than visual gags and one line retorts and I ignored it even when all the film magazines started falling over themselves to suggest it was a must own DVD. But then of course, it’s Christmas and if you’ve managed 12 months without upsetting Santa, why not ask for it and see if the big man will be so kind? Read more