Film Review: The Pursuit Of Happyness

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I still remember seeing the trailer for The Pursuit Of Happyness on the big screen and being completely sucked in to this uplifting sale of hope, dreams and following what’s in your heart. I will forever associate Soar by Christina Aguilera to the movie and I will always remember Will Smith as Chris Gardener ending his pivotal speech “…if you want something go get it. Period.” Overcome, believing, that at that moment, every dream in my head, every desire for my future, was possible, whatever anyone says.

But sadly for every minute of rousing passion and can do self belief that the trailer implies, the end product, the actual movie, just doesn’t live up to the hype its set. The movie is just a let down, too focused on one man’s impossible dream rather than the relationship with his son, and even worse, when you really start to look at its story everything feels a bit too shallow and a bit too vain. It just lacks any real sense of distress or depth. It’s a story that sold you it’s heart only to realise it’s a fake. Read more

Film Review: I, Robot

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There are times when you just need to accept that you aren’t in the mood for high drama, thought provoking debate or overly long stories. There are just times when you need to stick your feet up, let nonsensical special effects take over and lose yourself in a story far removed from modern life, or normally, human existence.

There are just those evenings when you need to let the unimaginable take you away. And usually that means letting Will Smith into your life. Originally I had planned to watch Independence Day, but it’s rather impressive running time and the culmination of a long week meant that alien invasion was sidestepped for robot intelligence. And so, Friday night’s film was: I, Robot. Read more