Film Review: The Darjeeling Limited

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Tell me, Mr Anderson, why I keep doing this to myself, why do I return to your films, believing that this time it will be different, that this time you will entertain rather than confuse? The answer, Mr Anderson, is because, this time you have delivered, you’ve given me the film I have been waiting for.

I wrote in my review of Rushmore, that every time I return to the films of Wes Anderson in some masochistic belief that I enjoy them, that I’m a fan of his work and yet every time I come out the other side unconvinced by the film on offer – everything seems to end up as 6/10 – before falling back into the trap and being lured to the next offering. Bottle Rocket lead to The Royal Tenenbaums, which led to Moonrise Kingdom, taking me on to The Grand Budapest Hotel before a stop off with Rushmore which tempted me into the position I am now – The Darjeeling Limited. Read more