Film Review: Kajaki: The True Story

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There has been a huge amount of hype surrounding, Kajaki: The True Story. People praising it for just how true to life and reflective of modern warfare it is. Proclaiming that it returns the genre back to the exacting painful existence that Hollywood sadly beautified and expanded into hyperrealism over recent years, with offerings like Lone Survivor while intense, also feeling over polished and produced. But Kajaki was back to basics, low budget film making. The first film by, Paul Katis, and partly crowd funded, it sets out to purely to tell a story exactly as it happened, to place you in the heart of the action. There have even been mumblings laying claim to this potentially being the best British war film ever made.

These were big claims and so, even though I am not naturally drawn to war movies, I felt this was a film worth searching out, worth seeing. And so, it was off to a late night screening at my local multiplex to see if the story lived up to its billing. If this truly was the best British war film for a generation. Read more

Film Review: Interstellar

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It has been arguably, the most hotly anticipated film of 2014 and in a year that sees The Hobbit draw to a close, The Hunger Games start it’s final chapter and plenty of summer blockbuster fun with Transformers, X-Men and Planet of the Apes all expanding their already sizeable franchises that is no mean feat. It’s not hard to see why it’s gained such an impressive moniker, directed by Christopher Nolan, one of the biggest directors around, stars Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, both recent Academy Award winners and has a budget of over $150,000,000. Oh and it’s set in space!

Interstellar grabbed my the first time I saw the trailer. It just looked epic. It looked like one of those film that people will look back on and say “you had to see this on the big screen“. It struck me from that first, brief 2 minute encounter that this film was going to be a defining moment. And then I saw Nolan was directing and something sank slightly inside me. Now don’t get me wrong I like Nolan, I like his films, but I have always felt there is an arrogance to his film making. A sense to his style to the layers and folds he intertwines into any story that appears to almost say “I’m going to push this further than you can understand, simply because I can.” Inception being the prime example. Read more

Film Review: Mr Turner

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Mr Turner is one of those films that is never going to really feel like it knows where it truly belongs. Mike Leigh films are never going to be blockbuster mainstream content, but Mr Turner has been garnishing enough praise and acclaim and mentions of further award success for it’s lead Timothy Spall mean that it’s been elevated higher into the public spotlight and been granted a larger big screen showing that would have usually been expected.

The problem though, is that it’s a period piece, about a seemingly famous but boring character. Ask people about J.M.W. Turner and most people will mumble something about paintings and instantly switch off. Those that can answer in any more detail, stereotypically, will fall into the one category. The “Over 65s”. This is the type of film that appeals far more greatly to my retired parents than it does to me. And that’s exactly how it proved with both my parents enquiring to see it, and myself, nonplussed but always up for a “trip to the flicks” happy to tag along. Read more

Film Review: Nightcrawler

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There has been a lot of hype recently about Nightcrawler and specifically about the performance of Jake Gyllenhaal. His depiction is apparently so striking and impressive that there has been serious mentions of award success, as well as, the much over used “career defining breakthrough” phraseology.

I, as with a lot of movies recently, have been a little bit torn as to whether I really wanted to see Nighcrawler. The reviews and praise of Gyllenhaal drew me towards it, but when I finally saw the trailer while waiting for Gone Girl to start, I wasn’t instantly sold. I’d heard it to be a gritty, dark, twisted tale about the arguably immoral world of American crime journalism. And yet, the trailer seems to portray a very different tone. There is glitz, and while not glamour, it certainly appeared to be a much glossier and faster paced film than I expected to see. Read more

Film Review: Gone Girl

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It seems that Gone Girl, David Fincher’s adaptation for the big screen of Gillian Flynn’s novel, is fast becoming this year’s “water-cooler” film. Everybody seems to want to see it, and everybody seems to want to talk about it, discuss it, or has an opinion on it. And every conversation starts with the words “I can’t say much as I don’t want to spoil the ending but…”.

People are also saying that this isn’t a “date” film, or a film to see with your loved ones, in fact, this is a film that apparently borders on the ” if you are romantically involved with anybody, watch this purely on your own” due to the way is systematically tears apart your trust and belief in love, relationships and confidence, leaving you confused and scared that secretly you’re not part of either a twisted game, or being destroyed by a psychopath. Read more