Film Review: Upstream Color

Posted on by 5WC in Film

On my computer I have a list of films, recommended by Empire Magazine as being 4-Stars or better. And I go through it from time to time and I look up the prices of them on Amazon, and decide that just because The Jungle Book collection is out on Blu-ray doesn’t justify spending £20 on it and that, leave it a bit and the price will drop. I should point out that this list dates back to September 2012 “waiting for the price to drop”!

However, recently, I realised that a few of the films on the list were available to rent through the Curzon On Demand service I have access to as a Freesat user. Brilliant. And so, having worked my way through the list, ticked off the “Curzon” films, I decided that Upstream Color would be the first to viewed. Read more