Film Review: Saving Private Ryan

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There can be no question that in Saving Private Ryan, Steven Spielberg created a cinematic masterpiece and brought the horrors of war and the weakness of man to life with an almost uneasy and unwelcome beauty that resulted in allying the critics, public and my best mate with their praise and superlatives.

In fact, it has always been the “bench mark” war film for me, the movie against which I rank all others. In fact, it’s virtually impossible these days to see any war film come out of holiday that isn’t compared against it and in the case of Lone Survivor, it was even used as a marketing tool. That is the strength and universal acceptance of quality with which this film is held. Read more

Film Review: Cloud Atlas

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There are some films in life that you cannot quite remember whether you like them or not, whether they are actually any good. They are a name. Nothing more. It’s that weird phenomenon in that, we can name the film and the actors who are in it, but try and remember the plot, try to explain the film: positively or negatively and everything falls apart. For me, Cloud Atlas is one of those films.

It was on a list of films to watch based upon the recommendations and “Review” section of Empire Magazine, and while I hadn’t caught up with it when it was in the cinema, I knew that it starred Tom Hanks and Halle Berry but after that I was at a loss. I didn’t really know what it was about and my entire decision to watch it was based one magazine who have been a bit hit and miss recently; I couldn’t even remember what the oracle – Dr Kermode – thought about it.
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