Book Review: The Great Starvation Experiment by Todd Tucker

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The Great Starvation Experiment - Header

It seems slightly ironic that I first came across the Minnesota Starvation Experiment while in the process of doing exactly that. It wasn’t until I was methodically rocking backwards and forwards, counting off the metaphorical meters on my rowing machine, while listening to the audio book version of journalist Emma Woolf’s The Ministry Of Thin that I ever knew that during the 2nd World War, 40 American conscience objectors volunteered to be starved for 6 months to help man better understand and cope with the effects of famine and starvation on the human body, and ultimately the best techniques for countering it.

As soon as I heard about it I was fascinated by it, here I was in the total throws of Anorexia religiously burning off every calorie, counting ever gram of food to enter my body and living by structure, routine and discipline; my life felt right but my life was miserable and out of control and yet here, apparently, were a group of people who happy to knowingly walk into this existence and live this way through open and informed choice? I had to know more. Read more