Film Review: Tim’s Vermeer

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Once again it’s down to the Wittering Doctor that this documentary came to cross my path and enter my life. Amazingly given a cinema release last year, but unsurprisingly, limited in its showings I never managed to find anywhere even remotely local to get to see it. As a result, I have been patiently waiting, and waiting, or this week to arrive when it is finally released onto DVD and I get to see whether it was worth the wait.

Tim’s Vemeer, as the trailer shows, is an extended documentary brought to film by Penn & Teller about Tim Jenison’s quest, or even obsession, with proving his theory into how Johannes Vermeer was able to paint the pictures he did, and potentially solve through real world experimentation using a technique that was possible during Vermeer’s lifetime exactly how Vermeer may have achieved the astonishing results he did. And as documentaries go, it is absolutely fascinating.
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