Film Review: The World Is Not Enough

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I have a problem with The World Is Not Enough. This movie is simply two things smashed together in the vague attempt to make a film that works and as shocking as this may seem, it doesn’t. There is a simple reason though why it fails so spectacularly to work. The two parts they chose to place together were the sound bite and the action stunt. So we have a film that limps sadly from stunt to stunt using a plot that wants to stand the test of time and leave you shaken not stirred.

Even the title demands to get in on the action.

But you shouldn’t be surprised by this. After all, the opening sequence to the film sees Bond making one lines jokes about Swiss bankers and sexual innuendos about their female PAs which rather than pass flirtingly by, would these days have Bond arrested for sexual harassment in the workplace. Occasionally with a Bond film the opening sequence that feeds into the main titles can end up serving no relation to the rest of the plot and acts more as closure to previous story lines, but annoyingly this isn’t one of those times.
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