Film Review: The Two Faces Of January

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I came into this film not really knowing much about it. I wasn’t consciously avoiding it but I hadn’t really seen the trailer or read any reviews on it. I’d even failed to check the Metacritic score and can’t tell you the Rotten Tomato or IMDb ratings. My only real fling with The Two Faces of January had come from my Mother saying she wanted to see it and last week’s Wittertainment podcast in which Mark Kermode had aired his views.

Dr Kermode had essentially said that as films go it’s nothing exciting or ground breaking, but it’s not bad either. It fills that middle of the road slot. And that within the ‘psychological thriller’ genre that it cohabits there are better films of type – The Thomas Crown Affair – but that it’s not a waste of your time if you do go and see it. And so with that ringing in my ear, I booked the tickets and set off to my local multiplex.
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