Comparing The Book To The Film (The Railway Man)

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Having been to see The Railway Man with my parents, and knowing that my mother was about to start reading the book on which it is based – having got a free copy through a newspaper offer – I asked if she would be so kind as to write a comparison piece for this blog.

The question was simple: how does the book compare to the film and which did she prefer?

Here is her response… Read more

Film Review: The Railway Man

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There are times in life when things just don’t go as planned. I had been looking forward to The Railway Man from the moment I first saw the trailer. I hadn’t read the book, I didn’t know who Eric Lomax was but, from the trailer alone, this looked, however harrowing to be a story I wanted to be told.

Unfortunately, when you preconceive an idea of what you expect something to be like quite often, the end result fails to hit that standard. And The Railway Man is just another example of this. The Trailer portrays a harrowing and intense story, brought to film with a stellar cast that should leave you feeling moved, shocked and reflective. Read more