Film Review: The Monuments Men

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I was worried going into The Monuments Men, partly because having seen the trailer I wasn’t 100% sold on it as a film as a concept and cast, and secondly I had the overriding sense that I was going to be in for 2 hours of slapstick silliness and over the top one liners. It essentially struck me as nothing more than a Ocean’s 11 “the OAP” years, but with a plot based on loosely on real life events.

However, what I got was completely different. The film has problems, but I got an nostalgic reminiscence of M*A*S*H and it’s ability to take a serious subject, layout it out in simplistic terms but carry enough edge to hammer home it’s point and then lace it with just the right amount of humor. If Hawkeye and Trapper John were gracing our TV screens today this is how I’d expect they’d do it. Thankfully though, they are not, because while I got a sense of M*A*S*H this certainly is not M*A*S*H; it wants to be M*A*S*H. but sadly it’s fallen quite a long way short. It’s missing that sense of despair, that sense of dirt, it’s missing the destruction of war. War is matte, The Monuments Men is full on gloss.
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