Film Review: The Man With The Golden Gun

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I have always have a slight problem with Roger Moore as bond. He’s just too pretentious, too ostentatious for me. Unlike some actors to have taken on the role, you believe in Moore as Bond but I certainly, can never fully accept him. People say they have “Their” Bond and if you ignore the modern day, and look purely at the earlier film, Moore, will never be mine.

Having said that though, when you cast Christopher Lee to play Scaramanga, bring Britt Ekland in as the Bond girl, and actually it feels like, tone Roger Moore’s playboy exuberance down you create a film which will divide and conquer in equal measures. If you’ve read my blog you will know that I am watching every Bond film starting at the beginning and to me “The Man With The Golden Gun” is by far the most enjoyable Bond film so far. Even if critically, I may be alone in that opinion.

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