Film Review: The Fault In Our Stars

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I am always slightly weary of films that take a subject matter that should be slightly harrowing, depressive and/or difficult and try to spin it into a light hearted, uplifting tale. They usually end up in this middle ground of being neither one thing or other. And on the surface The Fault In Our Stars appears to be another attempt to portray the melancholia of life, sprinkled with positive happiness.

Like everyone I detest the darkness that life can bring and long with the warmth of it’s antonym and so, while I knew that I am potentially walking into a disaster waiting to happen I will always be drawn to films that mix the view on the realities of life in the hope that there is an overriding sense of positivity that will, for a fleeting moment, remind me of the strength we all have inside us to fight out darkest days. That will make me feel good that life is worth living. Read more