Book Review: Path Of The Seer by Gav Thorpe

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Path of the Seer is the second Warhammer 40,000 story in the Path Of The Eldar omnibus, following on from the Path Of The Warrior. This time around Gav Thorpe brings to life is the story of Thirianna, the Poet who becomes a Farseer, recounting her part in the Seige of Alaitoc and her relationship with her friends: Korlandril (the warrior) and Aradryan (the outcast). Read more

Book Review: The Last Days Of Ector by Guy Haley

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Last September I read a book by Guy Haley called Valedor. A Warhammer 40,000 story it recounts a battle between alien armies fighting for consumption or survival throughout an Imperial galaxy. Essentially Sci-Fi warfare. And while, I wasn’t overly impressed by the book, I did enjoy it and it certainly created a growing passion for reading and writing within me.
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