The Adventures of PINOCCHIO At The Watermill Theatre

Posted on by 5WC in Stage

For once I get to bring you a review of something that isn’t a film! Each year my family traditionally head to our local independent theatre – the brilliant Watermill at Newbury – to catch up with the Christmas production. Whether it’s Treasure Island, Arabian Nights or Wind In The Willows, it is a cracking night out and the perfect way to get out of the house over the festive period.

This year saw the story of Pinocchio brought to the stage, a story that I believe everybody knows. To a point. It’s a tale that when asked we all go “yeah the puppet who’s nose grows as he lies” but dig a little deeper, question a little bit more, and nobody really knows much more about the story, the characters or whatever exactly happens – unless they have small children and have recently seen the Disney Cartoon.

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