Film Review: Cake

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Ever since Matthew McConaughey went from zero to hero as a result of an amazing visual transformation and startling stand-out performances on both the big (Dallas Buyers Club) and small (True Detective) screens people have been throwing themselves to label any performance, that is slightly outside what is naturally expected, by any actor whose career has floundered, as the start of another ‘renaissance’. First it was Jake Gyllenhaal with Nightcrawler, then Reese Witherspoon with Wild and now it’s Jennifer Aniston in Daniel Barnz’s Cake.

People actually went as far as to say that Aniston would be verging on an 2015 Oscar nomination for her performance, that is how good it apparently was and that perked my interest in the film. Annoyingly though, while it was released last February, it had a very limited cinema run and so, I have had to wait for it to arrive “on demand” before I’ve got a chance to see it, but all that time it’s been stuck in my mind, this seed of expectation around Aniston’s turn firmly rooted. Read more

Book Review: Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig

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Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig - Header

Anorexia has destroyed my life. It has taken every negative trait you can think of: depression, OCD, aniexty, PTSD, body dysmorphia and rolled them all into one nice neat package. It has torn my life apart, convinced me I was to become a chef before laughing me out of the kitchen, made me exercise when my body screamed no, and even driven me closer to the point of suicide than I ever want to go. Read more