Film Review: Rampart

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I have a strange relationship with Woody Harrelson, in my mind I keep believing that he is going through a reinvention, that like his True Detective co-star Matthew McConaughey, he is maturing with age into a actor of note, forcing people to sit up and take notice. No longer the journey man playing anything and everything, producing quantity not quality.

But I’m not sure I’m right, because when you actually look at his recent films: The Hunger Games, True Dectective, Now You See Me, it appears that all he is doing is repeating the same tweaked character over and over again. The older, angrier, brawn before brains primate. Sometime’s he’s fuelled by depression, sometimes it alcohol and sometimes, it’s just simply being one step behind everyone else, but whatever the individual factor driving the performance, the underlying foundation never changes. Read more

Film Review: Trees Lounge

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I’ve been a huge fan of Steve Buscemi ever since I first saw him attempt a best man speech, drunk at a wedding. And when you follow that up with a manic turn, riding bareback on a nuclear warhead, it’s an impressive way to demand cinematic attention. Let alone then providing the perfect definition of irony. And so, I have always been drawn to his films and his work.

And so with Curzon Home Cinema showing Trees Lounge, a film that I know very little about apart from the fact that not only stars, but also directed by Buscemi, the biggest surprise is that it’s taken me this long to viewing it. Such is my love for the work of Buscemi that I didn’t even bother watching the trailer. His name is recommendation enough for me. Read more

Film Review: On The Road

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There is an expression that it’s better to say nothing at all if you can’t say anything nice; but when it comes to reviewing films that is a little tricky to say the least. Now normally, it’s not a problem, it’s very hard to make a film in which there is nothing good to focus upon. And yet, sadly, Walter Salles has managed to do exactly that with On The Road.

If you want me to sum this film up concisely and briefly then it’s this: sex, drugs and nothing else. And I’m not joking. This film is nothing more than a bunch of freeloading, criminal teenagers smoking marijuana and promiscuously shagging each other apparently in the name of self discovery and literature. It’s boring, pointless and borderline repulsive. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so bored by a film that I honestly came close to giving up and turning it off. Read more