Book Review: ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

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In my mind Stephen King is to writing what Steven Spielberg is to film making. He is “A-List Royalty” and, whether you like his work or not, you have to accept him as being at the very pinnacle of his industry. He, like Spielberg, simply commands respect through what he has achieved.

I’m not the biggest horror fan – I don’t really like scary movies and I try not to read scary books –  so the musing’s of King are not a natural draw for me. I think the reason for my slight dislike towards all things “scary” is due to a TV mini series in the mid 1990s called The Langoliers. Ironically, it was an adaptation of the King’s novella and it scared the heck out of me! Since then I have just never seem why people would actively go out of their way to be frightened for enjoyment and so, have always shied away from it as a genre. It wasn’t until I read King’s On Writing that I felt even the slightest draw back to the area. And then it was only because I wanted to see King “praise what he preached” more than the story itself. Read more

Book Review: Stephen King: On Writing

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I have always enjoyed writing, creating, and while it has been primarily limited to web site content and over the last year or so, bog posts, it’s a passion that has always been simmering away inside me. I’ve always enjoyed imagining, explaining, bringing to life. Using the power of words to express, whether fact or fiction, and so with the simmer rumbling into a boil and with reading taking more of a front row seat in my life, I turned to one of the masters for advice. Read more