Film Review: Silent Running

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Every week I listen to Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo witter on about everything film in the BBC’s flagship film podcast whilst I do the housework. And last Friday while hoovering the lounge they started to talk about Wall-E and how, the opening half an hour is actually just nothing more than a rebranding of the film Silent Running. Now I must admit, I’d never actually heard of Silent Running, but I have heard, seen and own Wall-E a film I really enjoy, and when I discovered Bruce Dern took the lead role in Silent Running I was sold, the idea of revisiting my DVD collection rather than buying new had lasted all of about 48 hours!

And that was how I went into this film, knowing only that the it starred Bruce Dern and that the plot was essentially the beginning of Wall-E. In one respect being that blind of what’s about to happen can be a good thing, you go in without expectation, without predujice. Sometimes though, the idea of borrowed connections can distort what you expect. And I think the idea of a link to Wall-E meant I thought the connection would be stronger than it turns out to be. Read more