Book Review: Wraithflight by Guy Haley

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Wraithflight by Guy Haley - Header

In theory it’s a religious countdown, in practice it’s an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast and more often these days, it’s a marketing tool used by companies to either release unsold stock or drive awareness through promotion. I am of course, talking about Advent.

And while I tucked into my ever perennially shrinking lump of sweet cocoa with my morning coffee, I had a quick glance at the Games Workshop website to see their latest daily “offering”. Games Workshop, in the run up to Christmas, through their Black Library publication arm, are offering a new novel or story each day for you to buy. And on the 4th day of Christmas, the scribes of the 41st Millennium gave to me a brief continuation to the tales surrounding my beloved Iyanden Eldar. Read more