Film Review: Shadow Dancer

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I am still not 100% sure how I feel about Shadow Dancer. I certainly didn’t expect the type of film I ultimately ended up watching, but that is both a positive and a negative when it comes to forming an opinion and view as to where it’s actually any good. Shadow Dancer follows the life the of a single mother and IRA sympathiser who is turned into a MI5 spy; you can therefore, forgiven for thinking that this film has the potential for top quality action and gripping, tense twists that will leave you shaken to the very core. And based upon the reviews you’ll find online, from both the mainstream media and viewing public alike, things should fall that way.

Instead, what I found was a cold and sad story that never really wants to play with its audience but rather, asks that it audience to sit quietly and observe. It’s a library. What I mean by that, is rather than draw you and play with your emotions in a “cat and mouse” type of way as you’d expect, it simply takes you on a journey of reflection. It’s more a case of showing you just how pulled apart, and broken her life has become and how her loyalties can be tried, tested and examined by everybody around her and then simply asks the question of those watching: “how would you deal with all this?”.
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