Interview: Tom Edwards [Digital Edwards]

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In what I hope will become the first of many interviews with people connected to me whether through work, rest or play, I chat to good friend, business owner and social media guru Tom Edwards about the future of the internet, the role of social media in our lives and randomly, bobble hats!


  • How did you get into the web industry?

I started life as a IT assistant for High & Mighty in Newbury in 2004 and quickly progressed into eCommerce Manager taking full control of the businesses web presence. We had limited digital marketing budget back then and as a result I had to learn all about search engine optimisation and online marketing in my spare time between. I quickly learnt to love what I did and began to embrace it by attending every digital marketing seminar and conference I could.

Following several years at High & Mighty I moved on to pastures new and took a job as an SEO Specialist working for an agency looking after 25+ clients on a monthly basis. January 2012 saw me break away from mainstream and launch my very own content marketing and design business, Digital Edwards and the rest is well, history.

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