Film Review: Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Recently I discovered the potential delights of the Curzon Home Cinema service now available through Freesat and decided that I’d give it a go. So I signed up, added some funds and went searching for a cheap, but potentially good film to act as the proverbial guinea pig. And Salmon Fishing In The Yemen seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

It’s one of those films, that everybody seems to have heard of, conjures up pre viewing images of warmth and happiness from it’s name alone and yet, seems to have passed everybody by. Watching the trailer, my initial reaction was that it was going to be a pleasant, entertaining film. A throw away Sunday night film and I was half expecting to come out the other side so-to-speak, having found a film that is thoroughly enjoyable and yet also instantly forgettable. Read more