Film Review: Rushmore

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Having said that I would spend some time revisiting my DVD collection rather than continuing to add fresh material to it, I had completely forgotten that I had Rushmore trekking it’s way through the postal service, having returned the original copy I bought after it turned up somewhat broken. And so, it was a pleasant surprise when it arrived in the post and gave me an opportunity to once again spend some time being entertained by the thoughts and ideas created in Wes Anderson’s mind.

Rushmore is basically Wes Anderson’s second film coming on the back of Bottle Rocket, and once again saw him reunite to create a script with Owen Wilson. And that’s the start of an interesting dilemma for me. I seem to go through a mental block when it comes to Wes Anderson films. I have seen a fair few of them now, I have enjoyed some more than others, but I never really remember much about them. And so I end up in this cycle of liking a director, but for reasons I cannot explain, returning to his films, out of a loyalty which on reflection maybe more misplaced that I realise. As every time they leave me feeling somewhat, let down.
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