Film Review: Ruby Sparks

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Ruby Sparks, on paper should be a good film. It should be a sweet, simple and funny teenage romantic comedy. But it misses the mark so much, you have to actually wonder if they bothered to take the shot at all! As a film, it just doesn’t work, it just feels sour and confused.

The underlying story. The foundation for the whole film is pure and simply, nothing new. Everything is almost cringe worthily borrowed from much, much better source materials. It is essentially Stranger than Fiction meets A Street Car Named Desire. Now it’s easy to argue that when it comes to films around mental health, and the isolation and destruction of perceived reality, A Street Car Named Desire, whether in film, on stage or dressed up as Blue Jasmine, is setting yourself up to fail but to attempt to echo the fundamental plot idea of Strange than Fiction, a film that never set the world alight, instead managing to simply carry it’s head held high is far more is intriguing.

Personally, I think Ruby Sparks is the creation of writer, Zoe Kazan’s pure, but simplistic, imagination rather than any attempt to borrow, steal, or copy other works. I truly think she sat there, dreamt up a fun idea for a story and started writing. It’s just a shame she was beaten to the punchline by people with more imagination and clarity. Read more