Film Review: The Iceman

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The only thing that really drew me to The Iceman was the inclusion of Winona Ryder. And even then, it very nearly didn’t happen as I somehow managed to cross it off the “to watch” list of On-Demand movies before I’d actually seen it. But, having rescued it from the fraudulent strikethrough, I had a quick glimpse at the trailer, remembered what drew me to it in the first place and fired up the Curzon Home Cinema service.

And I’m very glad I did, because while it isn’t a classic film that will ever really be lauded about, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, it’s easily the best film of 2015 for me so far. But then we are only 6 days in, so it’s not the greatest of praise. Essentially The Iceman is the true story of Richard Kuklinski, a notorious contract killer and family man who’s reign of fatality spanned 30 years. Read more

Film Review: Life Of Crime

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Let’s be honest, the only thing that drew me to this film was the inclusion of Jennifer Aniston, and that mainly because as a child who spent his teenage years living through the 1990s, she will be forever Rachel. And while in one respect it amazes me, it also doesn’t surprise me that none of the cast of Friends have managed to transition away successfully from the shackles of such a high profile programme but none the less, I always view each attempt with renewed belief, that this may, in fact, be the time.

Unfortunately though, Life of Crime will not be Aniston’s big break. Simply because it is rubbish. At it’s heart is a plot that has the potential to be clever, fresh and entertaining but is handled with such doubt that it spends most of the film in a sense of self deprecating disbelief. Which is such a shame, because with a little bit more conviction, this film could have easily raised the bar a few levels. Read more

Film Review: Winter’s Bone

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I can’t remember exactly how Winter’s Bone came to cross my radar, whether it was movie magazine recommendation or pure internet review site pot luck. But I am glad it did. It truly is a remarkable and unforgettable film, which is still in my head 24 hours after I sat down to watch it and I’m sure will linger for a lot longer yet.

The strangest part of it all though is that Jennifer Lawrence, taking the lead role, essentially gives her breakthrough performance, she even earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination as a result, and even with the strength of her performance, Winter’s Bone has somehow managed to totally avoid the mainstream gaze. I doubt many people have even heard of it, let alone have a clue what it’s about! And that is such a shame
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