Film Review: Platoon

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There are just some nights when for some reason you need to watch a war film. It’s not some underlying desire to scratch a psychopathic itch about killing people, or a longing for violence and death but rather, the simple, honest fact that from time to time comedies, thrillers and romance just don’t provide the unexplainable escape from reality we all need from time to time.

Last night for some reason was one of those nights, and thankfully, sitting in the “to watch” pile was Platoon. Now, for somebody who likes movies as much as I do, I’ve even gone as far as to say in the past that they are “the books of my life” I need to add Platoon to the list of “big name classic movies I’d never seen”. Die Hard and Mad Max, you have a new friend. And so, with the washing up done I sat back to let Oliver Stone work his magic.
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