Film Review: Lilting

Posted on by 5WC in Film

It has to be said, that it would appear on paper to be a risky idea to create a multi levelled film that tries to look at so many different aspects and obstacles in human life as Lilting sets out to do so; and all before then setting that risk in an Anglo-Chinese world just to ramp up the stakes. But that is exactly what this film does, and it does it with a stroke of genius.

Lilting is certainly independent, art house, film making. This is what true classic cinema is all about for me. It’s not a big screen blockbuster, it’s not throw away popcorn fodder. It’s cinema. It’s film making as a true art. It has goals, it’s has direction and it has soul. It may never grace the mainstream conscious, it may never see a multinational chain screen, but I can guarantee that the next time a “1000 films to see before you ‘op it” type book comes out, it’ll be in there. Probably at number 329. Read more