Film Review: A Knight’s Tale

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Annoyingly, my planned evening of starting the bank holiday weekend with a long overdue screening of Saving Private Ryan went out the window due to time constraints, a Sky+ box with a mind, or rather updated EPG, of it’s own and the threat of a very early start the next morning. And so instead, it was once again back into the collection to find something to watch. And this time around A Knight’s Tale caught my eye.

In one respect, this was taking a risk because I used to love A Knight’s Tale. This is a film that, as a result of having mates staying over, I have seen more times than is probably healthy. It even impressively managed to replace Cruel Intentions and “that kiss” as the “go to” film we would watch. But, should I have watched it or should I have left memories of former glory lie? On recent outings, returning to the films of my youth, dusting off the DVD, literally, has proven a disappointing let down, would the same fate behold my favourite Noble? Read more