00Dragon At Pinewood Studios

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Arguably one of the best jobs I’ve ever done at probably the most famous location I’ve tethered a balloon. My month of working exclusively on the Palletways balloons for Lindstrand Balloons comes to an end with an evening of tethering at Pinewood Studios.

Palletways were holding a James Bond themed evening at Pinewood and so to start the evening off we tethered the Palletways 105 on the main lawn infront of the house. The evening was to open with a live action sequence to allow James Bond to make his entrance into the event, and what better way to do it then abseiling from the balloon!

Palletways At Pinewood 2011 01

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Palletways Goes To Scotland & It Doesn’t Rain!

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One of the things I love the most about flying hot air balloons for companies is the wide variety of jobs that I get sent to do. Scotland, showed this better than any other job I’ve done this year. The plan was simple, spend 4 days in Scotland split 50/50 between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

On paper that doesn’t sound that interesting. Just a good effiecent use of the time the balloons are in Scotland to attend two heavily populated areas. That’s where things get interesting.

Days 1 & 2 – Glasgow

So after a very long drive arrive at a school on the edge of Glasgow to be part of their Science week. The school had written to Lindstrand Balloons asking if it was possible to have some information about hot air balloons for their science fayre. They sent 2 hot air balloons instead!

Palletways Scotland Tour 2011 01

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Flying At The Bath & West Show 2011

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There are some events that you just want to do, and the Bath & West Show is one of them for me. Not only is it one of the best agricultural shows in the country, but you also have some stunning countryside to fly over including the Glastonbury Festival site – a few weeks before the festival when the “super fence”, stages and festival site is in full bloom – a stones throw away.

Lindstrand Balloons had once again asked if I could fly the Palletways “105” balloon for them, and so having driven the rig all the way down from Lindstrand Balloons factory in Oswestry the day before, I arrived at the hotel and waited to see what the weather had in store. Read more

Tethering Palletways In Germany

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One of the big advantages of a hot air balloon that attracts companies to use them is the fact they pack away into a trailer and therefore, can be easily transported from site to site as required, whether in the UK, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

So when Lindstrand Balloons rang and asked if I would like to go ballooning in Germany with Palletways, it wasn’t a question that needed much thinking. Both Palletways balloons would be attending Palletways new depot in Homberg in Germany for an open day they were holding. Read more

Tethering Palletways In Litchfield

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In what can only be described as the coldest conditions I have ever tethered a hot air balloon in while working in the UK, I tethered the Palletways round “105” hot air balloon alongside the magnificent “Slick the Dragon” special shape at Palletways Litchfield distribution hub for Lindstrand Balloons.

Palletways Tethering In Litchfield 01

In near perfect conditions, apart from the temperature, both balloons were inflated for around 3 hours giving staff members a chance to experience a “short” flight in a hot air balloon. With the balloons tethered to vehicles, it was possible to give people the chance to ascend to around 50 feet and give people a chance to see their depot from a different perspective. Read more

The Royal County Of Berkshire Show 2010

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Hot air balloons have flown from The Royal County of Berkshire Show for over 25 years, and for a large portion of that time, my family has been responsible for organising the mass launches. That tradition continued in 2010 as around 20 balloons of all shapes and sizes took to the skies over Berkshire.

Once again Lindstrand Balloons asked if I could fly the Palletways balloons, something I am delighted to be able to do, and with the star of the show being Palletways Mascot “Slick the Dragon” having the opportunity to fly it over Newbury on the first morning of the show was not something I wanted to miss. Read more

The Great Llangollen Show 2010

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Last weekend saw the first ever Great Llangollen Show in North Wales. Held at the Llangollen Pavilion, I was there flying the Palletways round “105” hot air balloon for Lindstrand Balloons, forming part of the hot air balloon display that took to the skies each morning and evening to open and close the event.

The Palletways hot air balloons take to skies over Llangollen

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