Film Review: The Hundred Foot Journey

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I hate to say it because it’s clichéd and cheesy but Helen Mirren is apparently like a bus! You go for years and years and years without seeing a single film she has been in and then suddenly, you watch two in two days. And what makes this even more surprising is that I was prepared to give her a second chance after she left me so repulsed by her personality and tone in the Woman In Gold.

I hadn’t actually heard much, and certainly nothing memorable, about The Hundred Foot Journey. I have vague memories of it getting a small and short lived cinema release, but I can’t remember exactly when. And the only reason I was even contemplating watching it now was that my Mother wanted to see it and I don’t refuse to watch much, especially when somebody else is paying! Read more

Film Review: Selma

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It tells the story of one of the most pivotal moments in American political and civil history. It’s been nominated for Best Picture at the soon to be announced Academy Awards and yet there seems to be more talk about the lack of recognition for David Oyelowo in the leading role than for how potentially good this film may be.

Also, part of me is slightly ashamed to say that before I knew anything about Selma, before I saw the trailer, or connected it back to Martin Luther King and the very important Civil Rights Movement in the United States during the 1960s, for some reason I had painted a picture in my head that this was a horror film. An imaginary mash up of Salem’s Lot and Carrie. I don’t know why I thought that, but I did. And so, when I got to see the trailer, realised the monumental mistake I had made and that in fact, Selma was a portrayal of a groundbreaking moment in American history, and with some Oscar buzz floating around, I owed it to the film to see it. Ignoring the fact that the trailer looked impressive and emotional as well.

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