Film Review: Octopussy

Posted on by 5WC in Film

I am really starting to dislike the whole Roger Moore as James Bond “era” and sadly, part of me is longing for the day when Rog’ retires and I get to rejuvenate my interest in 007. The problem is that right now, I’m almost becoming bored with the franchise. It’s just too hit and miss as to whether you’re actually going to be entertained by the “latest” film and annoyingly, I am stuck with this sense that firstly: Roger Moore is fast becoming less and less convincing as a British secret service spy. Not only does he seem to be capable of performing any task: better than anyone else, at any time, but he also has an encyclopaedic knowledge of everything, and an amazing ability to dodge bullets, knives, bowler hats at any distance you care to think up.

Forget Neo being “The One” Morpheus should be looking for Roger Moore!
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