Film Review: Ocean’s Twelve

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There are many ways to describe Ocean’s Twelve. The three that jump out to me are: the obvious and clichéd “difficult second album”. The more cynical “pure money grabbing” and then finally, the harsh but annoyingly fair “pointless”. Ocean’s Twelve sees everybody’s favourite bank robbing Hollywood A-List reunited. And as always when you’re making a sequel to a film purely because the first film was so successful you want to cash in, you send them on holiday!

So it’s off to Amsterdam, or is it Rome, or is it Paris. I get confused. It’s Europe and the Arsenal football team are there. I know not why.

I am struggling with this review. Ocean’s Twelve is poor, it’s really poor. But it’s also enjoyable. It’s problem is that it knows it’s not the first movie, and that it cannot live up to what the first movie achieved and it accepts it, it doesn’t apologise for existing but it has a real sense of simply being in existence so we can spend more time with Danny, Rusty, Linus etc. than giving us any sort of serious film.

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