Film Review: Next Goal Wins

Posted on by 5WC in Film

People rave about Next Goal Wins, some declare it the best footballing film ever made, other’s like Empire Magazine placing it in their best of 2014 “Movies You Probably Didn’t See” lists and so, I was really looking forward to it, really expecting a lot from a simple documentary about the American Samoa national football team as they attempt to banish the demons of the world’s heaviest defeat (31-0 against Australia in 2001) and regain pride during the 2014 Brazilian World Cup Qualifiers.

And I’m not exactly sure if those expectations were met? I think in part that is because even with everyone telling me it was great, I didn’t have that mental picture in my head of what great actually was. Certainly, it’s a good documentary, recounting an interesting story that most are probably unfamiliar with, aside maybe from derisive jokes at the size of the loss in 2001 but that was it. Nothing really blew me away. Read more