Opinion: Peppersmith Chewing Gum

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It all started with a newspaper article that appeared in The Times over two years ago declaring that you didn’t need to floss. That rubbing a small piece of string between your teeth morning, noon and night was actually just a waste of time. If you wanted to reclaim your evenings and end the dissatisfied glare of the dental hygienist then all you had to do was swap over to a routine of brushing, flushing and chewing. Ok, well not flushing, but a dental mouthwash regime so involved that would you wouldn’t even put your clothes through.

Essentially it was this: Start with a pre-rinse mouthwash, then brush, then post cleaning mouthwash with two different types that do two different things. But, all this would only work if you spent all day, everyday, chewing gum as soon as any food entered your mouth. But it had to be one type of gum. It has to be 100% Xylitol. And at the time, that meant one brand Peppersmith. Read more