Film Review: Limitless

Posted on by 5WC in Film

It amazes me that Limitless seems to have slipped from the main stream conscious quite as much as it has, especially considering it stars Bradley Cooper in the lead role. An actor who it appears, Hollywood cannot do enough to keep firmly lit by an ever brightening light. But disappear it has, and I don’t actually think it deserves this fate.

I will fully accept that it’s never going to live on as a piece of cinematic royalty. Or even dine at the same table. Mainly because it has a plot full of holes and for large parts is shallow in explanation and unquestioning in its glossing over of obvious issues in the feasibility of its story. But I can forgive it because it’s not a movie designed to portray real life. It is unrealistic because it is simply a film that pads out two ideological dreams. It expands “I wonder…” and “I wish…”. Read more