Film Review: Pride

Posted on by 5WC in Film

It’s amazing how when you search for something, it seemingly goes into hiding. I had wanted to find a “pair” of movies, an original and a sequel, and watch them back to back. But I couldn’t find anything obvious, and the few that came to mind (Cars, Kick Ass) all fall flat with the second album, so to speak.

And so I turned to Twitter where a friend, having the same fruitless answers, suggested that I give up looking and instead watch Pride. A tale about gay’s, lesbian’s and the miner’s strikes of the 1980s. I must admit, it’s been on my list of films to watch for a while, after all, people laud it as a true British comedy and Wittertainment, the BBC Film Podcast that I am a happy listener of, even proclaimed it their film of 2014. Read more