Shrek The Musical On DVD

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There is a tradition in my family that on Christmas Day, after gorging on turkey and sleeping off the Queen’s speech we settle in and watch a musical. Last year saw us take in the delights of Jesus Christ Superstar, while this year’s offering was to be Shrek. Sadly though, for a number of reasons, my Christmas became housework and DIY rather than festive cheer and fairytale stories.

Rather than just pick a evening that meant nothing to watch the musical and complete the tradition, we decided to put it off until a suitable, celebratory date could be found, and while it’s been a bit of a wait, last night – 1st March – saw me celebrate 4 years of not smoking, and an evening with a bright green Orge seemed the perfect way to mark the occasion. Read more

Once (The Musical) Live In The West End

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We’ve all seen it, those little words tacked until the start of a film – based on the book by – and we’ve all heard that knowing sigh as people realise that for the rest of time the debate won’t be about the independent strength of the feature, but rather by the comparison and demand to answer one unanswerable question – which is better?

And this is exactly one of those situations. Once is a stunning film. Actually, it’s beyond stunning. Completely understated, in every aspect you examine, from the performances, to the production, to the music. Everything just comes together to create a film that will move you and blow you away with a power far more reaching than any premise or setup would make you think possible. And now they’ve turned it into a stage musical. Read more

London 19-11-14: A Day To Remember

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If you read my blog you will have seen that I recently spent the day in London enjoying a happy trip to the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory musical. A slightly delayed Birthday treat from my parents. But that wasn’t all my day involved. After all, even living a short train journey from London I don’t venture towards the capital very often and so when I do, I usually make a bit of a day of it.

This time was no different, and while sadly the original plan for the day had been altered slightly due to Anorexia getting in the way as usual, after an interesting few minutes doing laps of Reading Station car park trying to work out how to get from barrier A to long stay B when all signs point solely to exit C, I was sitting in a well worn seat of an Intercity 125 heading up to Paddington. The day had begun. Read more

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory: The Musical Live In The West End

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I adore the stories of Roald Dahl. I have a first edition of The Fantastic Mr Fox signed by the man himself, a box set of his most famous tales adorns the bookcase in my hall and my DVD collection is full of Hollywood’s attempts to bring his stories to life with varying degrees of success. And so, ever since Charlie & The Chocolate Factory opened to rave reviews in London’s West End taking a trip and experiencing the cocoa wonderland of Willy Wonka has been a huge priority.

And so, along with my parents, as a birthday treat, I headed to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane to take in a matinee performance. The first thing I need to do is thank my parents for the tickets, because when you are sitting in the stalls, 5 rows from the front, it’s fair to say you’re in pretty much the best seats in the house. It’s a shame though, that the house wasn’t as spectacular as I was expecting. The Theatre Royal, well a beautiful old building felt just like any other theatre, I wasn’t overwhelmed by it as I had been when I was last in the West End seeing Les Miserables. Read more