Film Review: Mr Turner

Posted on by 5WC in Film

Mr Turner is one of those films that is never going to really feel like it knows where it truly belongs. Mike Leigh films are never going to be blockbuster mainstream content, but Mr Turner has been garnishing enough praise and acclaim and mentions of further award success for it’s lead Timothy Spall mean that it’s been elevated higher into the public spotlight and been granted a larger big screen showing that would have usually been expected.

The¬†problem though, is that it’s a period piece, about a seemingly famous but boring character. Ask people about J.M.W. Turner and most people will mumble something about paintings and instantly switch off. Those that can answer in any more detail, stereotypically, will fall into the one category. The “Over 65s”. This is the type of film that appeals far more greatly to my retired parents than it does to me. And that’s exactly how it proved with both my parents enquiring to see it, and myself, nonplussed but always up for a “trip to the flicks” happy to tag along. Read more