Film Review: Armageddon

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When I relaunched this blog, I wasn’t planning to restart writing film reviews. I haven’t put down my quill of opinion, but found previously, sharing my thoughts caused some of the love of film I hold to be lost. I reached a point where I was watching a film so I could write a review, rather than writing a review because I’d watched a film. It had become a job I felt obliged to do and taking a step back was the only way regaining the enjoyment.

Watching Armageddon, however, I felt I had to air my thoughts. It is a shockingly awful film, but at the same time, it is wonderfully brilliant. It sums up, exactly, the reason I started writing film reviews. I would joke that I was fed up of listening to critics, waxing lyrical about how a director had “invoked the imagery of a 4th century Rubicon painting, while combining the thinking and philosophy in a lexicon of hybrid ideas, with the left wing Neoplasmic tones of the 16th century French romanticist Dubois”. When, in fact, I’d really spent 2 hours watching animated cats! All I wanted to know was if I went to the cinema, and spent £10 on a ticket, would I enjoy it, or would I be wasting my money? Read more

Film Review: Legend

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Possession may be nine-tenths of the law but reputation carries more weight and it’s fair to say that the Kray twins have some reputation. The stories of the life they lead, the violence they commanded and the fear they instilled still as powerful, and as shocking, today as it was in the 1960s. They may no longer be alive, they may no longer walk the streets, but still there is that little tinge of fear inside you when you talk about them. Fear that saying something out of turn may still cause a ripple and a repercussion.

I am not fascinated by the brothers, but I know their story. I know the outline plot to real life events that surrounded them and so, when I saw Tom Hardy (and Tom Hardy) bringing them back to life I was instantly hooked. As twins their characters really were the polar opposite, the virtual split of a single entity. One good, one mad but together very, very bad. And it appeared that Brian Helgeland’s latest film Legend was about to bring their individual parts, clearly and violently, back to life. Read more

Film Review: Evolution

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To this day I am still not exactly sure if Evolution is meant to be a serious alien comedy or a parodying spoof. I think I have this problem because the tone of the film is one that feels almost as if they are making a joke of a joke, and therefore, you never quite feel fully trusting of it. Nethertheless though, I still thoroughly enjoy it.

I do wonder though if my mistrust in its intentions is actually born out of the fact that for every hyper real situation, plot hole or clichéd one liner you still have to accept that the basic idea of the film has just enough plausibility to make you think that it’s actually possible. Ludicrously silly but possible. Read more

Film Review: City Of Angels

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I’m sure it’s going to place me into the minority but I actually like City Of Angels. It’s not a movie I will regularly sit down to watch. It’s not a “go to” film. But I have always managed to look past it’s flaws and see the simplicity in it’s heart and the warmth that extends from it.

Yes it’s a rom-com, and a pretty fluffy one at that, holding up a huge banner that simply reads “I’m about Love”. It’s not going to tax you as a film, but that’s missing the point, it doesn’t want to tax you, it just wants to let you spend some time away from the troubles, stress and worries of real life and lose yourself in a fanciful world of make believe. And I have always found that it does that perfectly. Read more

Film Review: Burke & Hare

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Sometimes a movie comes along that just hits every stereotype you can think of when describing a “genre” of film. Burke & Hare is one of those films. Imagine if you will: it’s the weekend, it’s mid December, it’s dark and absolutely chucking it down outside, you’re bored as hell. Picturing it?

Right, it’s this exact situation where you think you’ve only got two options for what to do to pass the time. Sleep or watch a film. Now, everyone likes an afternoon nap, don’t get me wrong, but from time to time, you just need to chuck on a DVD. And that was the exact situation I was in. So on went Burke & Hare.

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