Film Review: The Imitation Game

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There are some films that grab you the minute you see the first frames flicker from the trailer and The Imitation Game was exactly one of those films. No matter what angle I looked at it from, this appeared to be the type of film that I adored. It didn’t matter what reviews may or may not claim as its release date neared. I didn’t care. Good or bad, I would happily pay to see this film.

It should also be pointed out right now that I am in the processes of undertaking a psychology degree and so, a biopic about one of Britain’s, if not the World’s greatest minds and the torturous life and events that unfold around him would instantly appeal. I am fascinated by why the mind works as it does. Why life creates stereotypes. And why mental genres and idiosyncratic personalities develop. Therefore, if you’re looking for a case study, Alan Turing should be high up that list! Read more