Film Review: Blue Valentine

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There are those times where for reasons you cannot really pin down something as simple as a name can seemingly unlock a hidden box, a fleeting memory locked away, very deeply, long forgotten and instill ideas carried with complete conviction even though they are seemingly based upon no external proof.

Blue Valentine is exactly one of those cases. The name, in my mind, instantly remember as being a good if maligned film. I don’t know why I hold that view, or whether it’s actually based upon something, but the name restored a snippet of memory and that was enough to draw me to it and it’s cast of Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling enough to make me watch it. Read more

Film Review: Take This Waltz

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This is arguably the strangest film I have seen in a long time. In fact, I’d go as far to say I’m not exactly sure exactly which genre this film fits into. Watching the trailer, looking at the cast, the principles behind the plot and you instantly think light hearted Rom Com. Nothing too serious, nothing too heavy. One of those non-offensive movies that you can use to simply pass the time and whittle away an evening.

Then you press play on the remote control and a totally different film waltz into your life and leaves you bemused, confused and slightly disturbed. I can honestly, hand on heart say, this movie just astounded me, sadly though, in a very, very bad way.
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