Film Review: Minions

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It’s currently 32ºC outside, so why moan that it’s “too hot” as a table fan stutters depressingly left and right almost audibly sighing as it stirs nothing but warm air, when you can be blast chilled in a cinema, avoiding both the mid day sun and popcorn munching, always talking children, while watching Minions?

Why? Because it’s not very good.

The minions were destined for their own spin off film from the minute they stepped foot in Gru’s lair 5 years ago. And that’s my problem. Minions feels rushed. It’s been 2 years since Despicable Me 2 and for an animation of the scale of Minions that really isn’t very long. As a result, it doesn’t feel like a film that has had time and passion spent creating it, making it as polished and perfect as they could, instead lacking that little spark needed to make it into a classic and give it longevity. Read more

Film Review: Birdman

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It’s the time of year when franchise films take a back seat and the resultant screen time gets filled with movies held back, determined to stay in the memory of those potentially influential voters, as the race for the awards on offer heats up. Some call it silly season, others declare it an annual golden month of cinema. For me, I fall somewhere between the two, but slightly tinted with gold.

And to kick start 2015, one such offering is Birdman (or the return of Michael Keaton). A film, put simply, about an actor, who built a reputation as a superhero before disappearing into the fog of obscurity, now returning for a potential big break. And it’s unsurprising that with a plot that has such parallel echoes to Keaton’s own career that the comparison between the two is regularly made. But note this, if you read that synopsis and base your decision to see this film on it, you’ll be in for a shock! Read more