Book Review: Hunger by Michael Grant

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Hunger is the second novel in the “Gone” series by Michael Grant, following on from the series titling original. The book picks up on the lives of a group of school children who have been cut off from civilisation, turned against each other as the realisation of their plight and the natural power struggle it gives rise to becomes more pronounced and now, starving, they are stalked by a deadly pray.

The book really does pick up from where Gone finished and as a result I actually believe that unless you have read the original there is no way you could even attempt this. I thankfully, have read the first book, but even so, I found this instant reconnection hard initially. I’ve had a 6 month gap between finishing Gone and starting Hunger, not a massive amount of time, but enough to mean I’d forgotten some of the background characters, idiosyncrasies and finer details that made up the world, it’s inhabitants and what had gone before, so to be presented with a character and be instantly expected to remember everything about them, and more importantly why they did, said or acted as they do was annoying and frustrating to say the least. I didn’t want the book to recount everything from before, I wanted it to be independent, to continue the story by going forward but it needed to ease the characters back into my life in a gentler and more compassionate way. It’s too blunt and asking too much as it is. Read more

Book Review: Gone by Michael Grant

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I’m not exactly sure how I came to end up reading Gone by Michael Grant. I mainly read books on a tablet, and having never heard of the author, or the book, it somehow ended up in my online account, waiting for me to read. I truly don’t remember purchasing it, and can only think that it was either given as a welcome gift when I signed up, or more likely, that I was drawn in by the recommendation by Stephen King on the cover image, having been inspired by the horror author’s musing On Writing. Read more