Film Review: The Matrix: Reloaded

Posted on by 5WC in Film

It’s hard to tell how best to write this review. I’m trying to write them from the point of view of not reviewing the films per-se, after all as I said in yesterday’s review of The Matrix, there are plenty of reviews, a lot better than I can produce, already out there, but rather I’m trying to review the trilogy from my feelings watching it now in 2014.

And while I thought the original film has dated badly to the point that it no almost feels no longer relevant, the second installment – The Matrix Reloaded – feels like it’s become a failure of it’s own success. You actually get an overwhelming sense that what you are watching is not the middle part of a trilogy but rather an entire film of poor editing. The final two films in the trilogy were released within 6 months of each other and this just reaffirms my sense that this film, is not in fact a pre-planned continuation of the story but rather the The Wachowski Brothers, unable to cut enough of the second film out to make it purely a sequel and have instead, turned what would have been one very long film into two shorter ones.
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