Film Review: Foxcatcher

Posted on by 5WC in Film

There are some films that instantly capture you, that draw you in whether by reputation, name or that brief visual hint of the treasures they hold, commanding to be seen and not having to work to win you over. Foxcatcher was certainly not one of these. The moment I saw the initial trailer I was torn, captions of “transformative performances” mirroring images of hardly recognisable actors seeming to demand my time but it was set in the American institution of wrestling, a sport that have never crossed the Atlantic, and besides the choreography of television wrestling never interested me.

And yet, the nearer it came to release the more reviews, thoughts and opinions that started to leak, the more I started to ponder, to think, to rejudge. Yes Foxcatcher is obsessed with wrestling, but one constant hum followed that statement: wrestling is just the environment into which a story worth seeing is placed. I still wasn’t won over, I still just felt that nagging, niggling doubt in the back of my mind. But it’s Tuesday and that means cheap cinema tickets and with such a tide of unabridged praise, it seemed giving it a chance wasn’t an overly dangerous risk to take. Read more