Looking At The Weather: An Interview With Mark Neal

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Flooding - Header

As the clocks go forward and “Summer Time” begins, you cannot have failed to miss, or even been impacted by, the horrendous flooding that soaked the country this winter. With the Somerset Levels virtually destroyed, parts of the UK still submerged under the flood waters, stubbornly refusing to draining after after wettest winter on record, and the UN announcing that unless we as a species do something to physically change our impact on the planet’s climate we will face catastrophic consequences it seemed an apt time to introduce a new section to the site.

Mark Neal is a young, enthusiastic hot air balloonist who have a keen interest and passion in all things meteorological. He has agreed to write a column for the website to try and give you all an insight into our weather, the patterns that affect and govern when you get to have a BBQ and you never know, maybe even the odd forecast!

So, it seemed to make sense to sit down, have a chat and let him introduce himself in his own words…
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